What I Ask for When I Get My Hair Done

The long anticipated hair blog post. This topic has been buzzing around because you girls are always sending me messages asking me what I ask for, where I get my hair done and so many more questions. This is why I wanted to do a full blog post answering all of your questions regarding my hair!

Let me start by telling you a little about my hair journey. When I was born I had dirty blonde hair and when I was in sixth grade I started dying it. It started off with getting a shadow down which at the time was the “it” thing to do. Basically I got the underside of my hair dyed a dark brown color. Then I went to box dye and tried to lighten my hair for a couple years. When I was in high school  I was tired of the blonde hair and decided I wanted to be a brunette. After that I then a was redhead, then had black hair, and went back to being a brunette. (I know… wow that’s a lot of hair dye!) Finally, within the past couple of years I have started to get balayage done. Enough of that lets get down to the details. 


For all my local Connecticut babes I wanted to share where I go to get my hair done so that you can check it out too! My hairstylist is at Hair Canvas Salon which is located in Milford, CT. Her name is Allyssa and she is absolutely amazing! Check out her work over on her Instagram. She is offering a discount for you, if you mention my name, Sarah Elizsabeth you can receive 10% off any service!


I have been getting balayage done and I have been absolutely loving it!Getting balayage done looks great even when your hair is growing out, which is perfect for me. Mainly I ask for my hair to look like it is sun kissed. I definitely want some blonde pieces throughout my hair.  I like to keep my roots my natural color because it helps my hair to look more natural. 


I have so many different haircuts throughout my life, really long hair and relatively short hair. But I have found that I prefer longer hair. For my haircut I asked for my dead ends to be trimmed along with some face framing pieces.  These pieces look great when your hair is back and you pull them out. 


When I went recently, to get my hair done I wanted my hair to be a little bit more ashy. My stylist recommended that we tone and glaze it for a more ashy look.  This will help my hair to look fresh for about six to eight weeks. 


Last but certainly not least I wanted to share a few of the products that help me to keep my hair looking fresh and healthy while at home. My hairstylist recommended that I use a purple shampoo every other time I was my hair to keep my color looking fresh. These are some of my all time favs! 

I hope that this helped answer all of your hair questions that you girls had for me. If you have anymore feel free to leave a comment or reach out to me on my Instagram. Even if it is just to say hi!! 


Sarah Elizsabeth 

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