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Hey babes! Happy Monday, I love starting my weeks off on a positive note and I wanted to share with you one of the ways I do that. So, I took a poll on Instagram a few weeks ago and one of the options was for me to share my Spotify playlist, it was not the winner of the poll. But I had a ton of dms after asking me to share my playlist. I finally had some time to update them and I thought why not share them! A little warning is that I am a big fan of rap music and a ton of my songs do have some explicits so if you are not a fan I would say skip that playlist. I put together three playlists that are great for anything and everything. I  try to add to them and stay on top of new music.

Here is my “feel good music” playlist that is full of mostly rap songs that make me in such a good mood. I seriously jam out to this music in the car and have a dance party. No joke I get so many looks from people at stoplights from just having a great time.

This is the link that will take you to the direct playlist…

I also have a playlist that is for when I am studying or just need some calm music for a quick little meditation. These songs allow me to find my inner peace and just take a deep breath. This playlist is my “studying playlist” it seriously is so calming.

Click below to take a listen and find your zen..

The last and final playlist that I have up is my “holy throwbacks” playlist. I am a HUGE fan of some good throwback songs because I think the 2000’s had some of my favorite songs. Some days I love listening to a great throwback playlist and just dancing around my house. I mean it is seriously one of the best ways to destress.

Throw yourself a throwback dance party…

I hope you enjoy jamming out to some of my playlists. Like I said I try to update them on the regular so you can always check back for updated playlists! Enjoy them and I hope you all have a great Monday.


Sarah Elizsabeth


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