Shein Haul and First Impression

Hey babes! Happy Tuesday, it’s a snow day here so I figured it was the perfect day to sit down and chat about a recent purchase that I made. I had been seeing ads and some other influencers talk about the online shop Shein. After taking some time to shop around on their website my cart was full of some goodies and I was excited. I thought that I would share the pieces that I purchased and share my experience with you!

All together I purchased six items including four shirts, a card case, and a purse. I was definitely thinking spring when I place this order because every piece was geared towards warmer weather.

Blue Gingham Top

When I saw this top it screamed Spring to me. I knew that this would be an adorable top paired with a dark denim or even white. I especially loved that it was a peplum and that the sleeves had the same effect. I thought that it was too cute to say no to. Overall, I think that the quality of the top is decent. I haven’t washed it yet so I don’t know how it will hold up. I ordered it in a size small and it was true to size. My only complaint about this top is that the material is not the most comfortable. The shirt was only $10 but then there was a coupon on the site making the top only $9.33.

Tassel Top

I started obsessing over this top as soon as I saw it, I thought that it was adorable for the summer months. I personally love basics and this was a cute twist on a basic. This white top has a peplum with tassels going around it. The tassels are teal, pink, dark blue, and a peach color. The quality of this top is really good, it is super soft and cozy. I did notice that the tassels don’t follow a pattern and sometimes there are two pinks next to each other. So if that is something that may bother you I would say don’t take the chance. Overall,  I love this top and I know that when the warmer weather is here I will be wearing this top on repeat. I did order this in a size small and would say that it does fit true to size. This top was also $10 and with the coupon, it made it $9.33.


Glitter Mesh Top

I have had my eyes on a top like this for I don’t even know how long I finally took the plunge. I mean I couldn’t beat the price. This top originally only cost $5 and with the coupon was $4.67. I loved that this one had glitter mesh and then also had stars on it. Fun fact about me I am amazed by the stars every night. This top has a mock neck and is slightly cropped. The sleeves have a cute little ruffle detail to them. I paired this top with a pretty lace bralette and but also could be paired with a black tank top for more of a daytime-friendly look. This shirt was pretty comfortable but I do have to say it doesn’t really keep you warm because it is basically see through. This top is in a size small and I would say that it does fit true to size but the sleevees are slightly short on me, but I do have pretty long arms.

Thankful, Grateful, Blessed T-Shirt

I mean come on this is the cutest graphic tee ever. I thought that this would be super cute paired with a cardi or even just by itself. I am also a huge fan of the cursive handwriting on it. The material of the shirt is super cozy and comfortable. The shirt is of a thin material so I suggest wearing a nude bra or pairing a white tank top under it. The shirt was $8 and after coupon, it was $7.46. The shirt is a size small and fits true to size.

Brown Card Case

I have had my eyes set on the Louis Vuitton Card Case but I didn’t want to splurge quite yet. I am not even sure if a card case is functional for me, so when I saw this on Shein I figured I would try it out to see if I actually use it. I mean come on the card case only cost $4 and $3.73 after the coupon. The card case has a spot for up to six cards. I think that the quality of this card case is pretty decent for the price.

Black Purse

I found this adorable Celine purse dupe and I knew that I needed to have it! I have been dreaming of a Celine bag but don’t really want to spend $2,000 on a purse. So I picked up this cute mini version. For a dupe, this purse looks pretty spot on. The quality of this purse seems to be really great. It’s a lot smaller than some of my other bags but it can fit a ton of stuff into it. I carried it all weekend and got a ton of compliments on it. I also styled this bag with the mesh top. This bag before the coupon was $23 and after coupon was $21.42.

The total price of my haul is $55.94. The shipping was free but there was a $2.99 shipping insurance charge. The shipping did not take that long. It shipped out and I received the package on my doorstep about a week and a half later. I would say that this shipping was pretty quick considering I have ordered from other places that take like two weeks to get the package. My overall consensus on the items is that I am happy and I will definitely be buying items from Shein again.

If you are interested in any of the items that I talked about or featured I have linked the items below for you.

I hope that you enjoyed my haul and getting to hear about my first impressions about Shein.


Sarah Elizsabeth


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