Saranghae Skincare Routine

Saranghae is a “Korean 5 step anti-aging skin care routine designed to directly address the root causes that lead to unhealthy, damaged and aging skin.” The products are aimed to healing, regenerating and protecting your skin. I want to explain what the company says that their goals are and then speak to my experience with it.

To heal your skin the Saranghae routine brings in some essential nutrients, antioxidants and amino acids that will work to keep your skin free of stress and radicals. The super cool thing about the healing process is that it works even after you put in on so while you’re sleeping or working your skin is working to heal itself.

The next step is to regenerate your skin. The products work to maintain new and healthy skin cells. The products include natural ingredients that work towards creating an experience like no other.

The next thing that the routine works towards is to protect your skin from toxins, pollution, gravity and UV rays. The products create a shield your skin by using powerful and natural ingredients.

Like I mentioned there are five steps to the Skin Care Routine. The first being cleansing your skin using the Nourishing and Moisturizing Cleanser. Let me start by saying this stuff is amazing! It removes makeup, oil and micro-particles, and toxins. While it cleanses your face it also goes in a moisturizes and nourishes your skin. I hate when your skin feels super dry and tight after washing it and this face wash does NOT do this at all! Your skin will feel hydrated and soft after using it.

The Saranghae Deep Radiance Essence and Serum is next. The serum works to penetrate your dermal layer of skin and provide your skin with nutrients and antioxidants, amino acids and essential vitamins. The serum has Sang Hwang Mushroom extract, plant based placenta, collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. I know what you’re thinking… What the heck are you talking about Sarah? What are all those ingredients? I promise you that these ingredients work to better your skin. The ingredients work towards healing and regenerating your skin. I cannot say how amazing this product is. It has changed my skin in so many ways.

The next step is the Firm and Lift Cellular Regeneration Cream. It works to decrease the formation of radicals and reduce the damage to your skin. It is astonishingly smooth and supple and it makes your skin so moisturized and soft. When using this, it works to diminish age spots, reduce redness, and have less visible signs of aging.

The fourth step is the Saranghae Focus Renewal Eye Cream. Which is deemed the “most effective solution for your eye area.” It diminished wrinkles, (not that I have many) restores vitality, and lifts and firms the skin. It also helps to brighten any dark circles.

The fifth and final step that I use once a week is the Elemental Essence Mask which is a sheet mask that has an intense formula that helps to reduce any pigmentation in your skin. That over time will result in a beautiful finish to your skin.

Now that I have broken down the skin care regimen and explained everything I want to talk about my personal experience with the products. My skin in the last three years has been scaring a lot and I do have darks spots. So, when Saranghae reached out to me and I read more about their products I was very optimistic, with good reason. I have seen these products work absolute magic! I have seen dark spots completely disappear from my skin. I have never seen my skin look so healthy and so good. I mean yeah I still have some scarring but over time these products are going to work to help diminish my scars while also making my skin beautiful. I almost forgot to mention that I have been only using these skin care products from Saranghae for two weeks, and I 100% have seen my skin change for the better.

If you are looking for a new skincare regimen and want to see your skin change for the better in so many ways than I highly recommend the Saranghae 5 Step Routine. I will leave a link below if you are interested in purchasing one of their kits.

I hope you girls enjoyed hearing about my experience with these products and how much I truly love them.




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