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Hey babes! Happy Friday. I am so glad that the weekend has arrived. I posted my morning smoothie over on my Instagram stories and I was flooded with messages asking me what I put in my smoothies. I figured the best place for me to let you know was on the blog! So that if you want to try it out for yourself you have the recipe.

First things first. You obviously need a blender! I recently went out and purchased the Nutri Ninja Blender. I was mostly drawn to this one because I liked that it had the single serve cups, so it would be easy to make quickly in the morning before class. I linked the one that I used below so that you can check it out if you are looking for a new one. A bonus is that it isn’t going to break the bank.

A tip that I have for you is to use frozen fruit in your smoothies because they make the smoothie have a thicker consistency. But you can use regular fruit too. I also like to have my kale and spinach frozen because it stays the best. I don’t go through enough of the vegetables to buy them none frozen. They still have all the key nutrients so it’s perfect! I buy all my frozen fruit and vegetables from Trader Joes and they are not badly priced at all. If you can’t find frozen kale or spinach you can always buy it and freeze it yourself.

Now let me tell you my recipe!

1 Cup of Strawberries

1/2 Cup of Raspberries

1/4 Cup of Kale

1/4 Cup of Spinach

1 Container of Yogurt- I personally opt for AlmondMilk Yogurt

2 Tablespoons of Protein Powder- I use a Vegan one it is called Vega but any protein powder will do

1 Cup of Almond Milk

Then it is time to blend the smoothie. I especially love the creamy texture that the smoothie has. Sometimes I run out of Almond Milk so I will sub in Orange Juice. Another great thing that I will add to my smoothies on occasion is Acai. Which can be hard to find at times, but I know that Trader Joes sells it and I believe Whole Foods does as well.

That is about it! I have one last quick tip for you, I portion out the fruit and vegetables into bags about once a week. That way in the morning all I have to do is put whatever is in the bag into the blender and add the yogurt and milk.

If you are a smoothie lover like myself I know you will enjoy this smoothie as much as I do. If do you try out my recipe let me know what you think of it!

Happy Smoothing!


Sarah Elizsabeth



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  1. Thanks for the recipe Sarah. We love our smoothies when the weather gets warmer. I love the idea of buying frozen spinach and kale so you always have it on hand and it doesn’t go bad.

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