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You asked for it, so here it is! I have been asked so many times what my daily skincare routine is. I am going to be sharing the skincare products that I use on a daily basis. I have a more in-depth skincare routine for the nights that I have a little more time to pamper myself. Which I will be sharing in a blog post soon.

The products that I am sharing with you are my tried and trusted products. I discovered the skincare brand Tula and have absolutely fallen in love with their skincare products.

The Tula skincare products are unique because they have probiotics as the base for all of their products. They work towards balancing your natural skin, lock in moisture, and reduce any inflammation in your skin. What is even better about Tula’s skincare products is that they are completely free from phthalates, parabens, gluten, propylene glycol and mineral oil. Basically, they are clean products that are really good for your skin. An added bonus is that they are cruelty-free. I could talk forever about how amazing Tula’s products are. If you want more information on what is in their skincare products click here to read about all the different things that are in their products.

Now let me share what products that I use in my daily skincare routine.

First things first I need to cleanse my skin of all the makeup that I have on. The best product that I have found to do this is the Kefir Replenishing Cleansing Oil. This product is amazing because it can break through any makeup that you have on, including waterproof mascara! This product leaves your skin feeling so soft and refreshed.

I like to double cleanse my skin to make sure that there is absolutely NO makeup left on my skin. I use the Purifying Cleanser from Tula. This cleanser works to clean deep into your pores without stripping your skin. This product is amazing because it is a gentle cleanser and does not irritate your skin at all, even if you have sensitive or acne prone skin like myself.

The next product that I use is the Illuminating Serum from Tula. This serum works to lighten the appearance of any dark spots, or hyperpigmentation that you may have. It creates a natural glow to your skin, while also moisturizing. Using this product has helped to lighten some of the acne scars that I have from years ago.

To add even moisture to my skin I love to use the Hydrating Day & Night Cream. This is perfect for nourishing your skin and making your face feel incredibly smooth. This face cream works to reduce fine lines and firm your skin.

When my skin is feeling especially dry, (which happens a lot in the cold winters) I like to go in with the Kefir Moisture Repair Pressed Oil. I think that oils are a great way to add moisture back to the skin. It creates a smoothness to your skin while also creating a barrier.

The last step in my skincare routine is the Revitalizing Eye Cream. This product is light and perfect for the delicate skin that is around your eyes. It is a cream that hydrates and minimizes the appearance of any fine lines or dark circles.

Those are all the products that I use on a nightly basis. I know it may seem like a ton of different steps but it takes me less than 10 minutes. I promise you that your skin will love you if you take good care of it. Since beginning to use Tula’s skincare products I have seen so many improvements in my skin. Like I mentioned I have acne prone skin and I have been struggling with it for years. If you are looking to change up your skincare routine I highly recommend checking out Tula’s products.

To make things even better I have a coupon code for you to all try out the Tula products. Use code SARAHE15VIP to get 15% off your entire order! It never expires so you can use it everytime you order Tula products. I hope you love their products as much as I do.


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