My Self-Care Routine

Self- Care is something that we often hear about but we don’t always do, at least I know I’m guilty of not taking time for myself. Sometimes we get so caught up in our lives with everything happening that we often forget about the most important person in our lives, ourselves. But I have learned that taking time for yourself is so important even if it is just five minutes everyday. It’s better than nothing am I right? ¬†When I have a little bit more time I take extra time to pamper myself and I have a routine that I like to follow, I want to share this routine with y’all so that you too can follow this relaxing routine.


One of my favorite things to do is turn on a podcast on my drive from work. This is a way that I destress myself and have my mind take a break after work, because sometimes work can be so stressful. One of my friends had recommended that I check out a playlist on Spotfity called “Law of Attraction.” Click here and it will take you to the playlist. This is more of a motivational playlist that encourages you to think about life differently. I also love Oprah’s Super Soul Conversations on Apple Podcast App. I recommend that you check out both of these and I promise they will seriosuly change your life. They both take you out of your day to day life.


When I get home I will usually head up to my bathroom and get ready to take a calming bath. This is another way for me to relax after a long day at work. I like to mix up what I use in the bath sometimes I will do a bath bomb or take a bubble bath. I light some candles and play some soothing music. Also, while I am in the bath I like to exfoliate all over and shave. I feel so squeaky clean afterwards and then I follow the bath up with lathering my body in lotion.


I like to take a bit of extra time when I can to work on my skin. When I have the time I like to apply a mask after all of my makeup is removed. I have so many different masks that I love and they will all be linked in this post for you. I customize which mask to use based on what my skins needs are that night.


While my face mask is drying I will grab a snack because I am always hungry. One of my go to snacks before bed is to have fresh cut strawberries with a little bit of coconut whipped cream. This is a sweet treat while I am relaxing.


I have been making an effort to get into journaling lately. I have been using the happiness planner to help me get into journaling. I especially like this journal because it has some guides to help you know what to write down for example it asks everyday what you are grateful for. This is such a great way to kickstart your journaling journey.


By this time my face mask has dried and I will wash it off before crawling into bed. By 9pm I am usually exhausted from a long day. When I have a self-care night I try to get into bed early so I know that I have a full night sleep before waking up the next morning. I usually will also enjoy a nice cup of tea before heading to bed. This is just another way to help calm myself down and detox.

That about wraps up my self-care routine. I try to do this routine on a weekly basis because like I said before taking care of yourself is so important. Do you have a self-care routine that you like to do to destress and relax? If so, I am curious to know what is apart of your routine.

Have a wonderful day babes!


Sarah Elizsabeth

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