My Best Spray-Tan Experience Yet

Hey girlies! Today I wanted to chat with you a little about the best spray-tan experience I have ever had! Let me be completely honest with you I am a ghost year round. The only time that I ever look tan is when I either use a tanning mousse or when I get a spray tan.

I think like most ladies I have had a spray tan done before but it was by a machine. Recently, Nora from Norganic Tan reached out to me and asked me to visit her new salon. And ya girl was so excited! I mean come on I couldn’t pass up on an opportunity to get a gorgeous glow to my skin. The morning came and I was so excited to get my tan on.

I left my house ready to come back a golden goddess. To be honest I had a little bit of a crazy morning. I had gotten on the wrong highway because my GPS was acting up. But I still couldn’t contain my excitement. I reached the salon and as soon as I walked in I felt like I was at home.

Nora recently took over a salon and has been working on getting it up in running. The waiting area she had was to die for. It was absolutely adorable and it matched my aesthetic so much. I sat down and chatted with Nora for a couple of minutes and I felt like we were new friends. We laughed and talked about her salon. Then it was time to get my tan on.

In the salon, Nora has a room for just spray tanning, which her husband built which I think is so sweet! Nora asked me some questions about my natural skin color, if I had ever been spray-tanned before, the color I wanted to be, and if I tan well in the summer months. Asking all of these questions let her decide what color would work best for me. She also told me that she was going to do the Super Express Tan so that I could shower in about 2-4 hours. This was super nice because it meant that my tan would develop faster.

While Nora was spraying me she helped guide me through all of the different positions to do, to help ensure that there wouldn’t be any awkward spots. After spraying the tanning solution she then dried off the tan to help ensure that there wouldn’t be any tan transferred on to my clothes. Then the appointment was done! The whole tanning process was super quick. I left Nora’s salon looking like the gorgeous golden goddess that I had dreamed about.

What made me even happier was that the week after my tan we had gorgeous weather in Connecticut so I was able to break out an adorable romper and show off my tan! If you are in the CT area I highly highly recommend that you check out Norganic Tan. Nora will have you looking golden and tan within minutes. I can’t wait to go back to see Nora and get my tan on!

I am so grateful that Nora gave me the opportunity to work with her. I enjoyed getting to meet her, see her gorgeous salon and getting the best spray tan ever!


Sarah Elizsabeth


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