How to Stay Healthy in College

Hey loves! As you may or may not know I am a busy gal. I am constantly running around from campus to home, and am all over the place. With constantly being on the go I have found a few methods that I use to help me to stay healthy while I am in college. I thought that this would be a wonderful post to share with my audience because I know that I could share my knowledge with my busy boss ladies!

Tip 1-  Always Carry a Water Bottle Around with You

I am constantly thirsty so I love carrying around a water bottle so that I can make sure to be drinking enough water. I know that everyone has heard a million times that you are supposed to drink 8-10 glasses of water a day and to be honest I am a big supporter of this. In a normal day, I find that I drink 8 glasses of water at a minimum. One of the ways that I do this is by always having a water bottle on me. I even keep clean spare water bottles in my car just in case.

Tip 2- Find Time to Fit in Excercise

I can say that this is one that I sometimes struggle with. But I have been able to find ways to incorporate fitness into my school schedule. I make an effort by parking further away from the buildings I have to walk to so that I have to walk further meaning getting some more steps and exercise. Another way that I fit in fitness is by waking up ten minutes early in the morning to do a quick little workout. I do some jumping jacks, planks, crunches, and squats. This can only take a few minutes a day and can have a ton of health benefits.

Tip 3- Meal Prep for the Week

This is something that I have been doing pretty much since the beginning of my Sophomore Year. I can say that this has changed the way that I eat drastically. Even some of my friends that live on campus take the time to meal prep for the week so that they know that they have healthy meals ready for them. Before meal prepping I would sometimes be too lazy to cook a healthy meal and just end up eating out. But I take one day on the weekend to do all of my grocery shopping and plan out my meals and then cook them. I prep my lunch and dinner and sometimes will also do my breakfast and snacks. This way I know that I always have a healthy lunch and dinner waiting for me. If you have never meal prepped I highly suggest that you try it out. If you can’t think of what to make for your meals you can go on Pinterest because there are so many recipes you can find!

Tip 4- Make an Effort to Keep Healthy Foods in your Apartment

If you have only healthy food in your apartment then that is what you are going to eat. There are so many different healthy snacks that are so much better for you then the wasted calories of chips, or other snack foods. I can honestly say that I have no bags of chips or any other junk food. Rather than having that, I keep more fruits, and veggies around the house so that I can snack on that and be getting some nutrients in.

Tip 5- Carry Healthy Snacks on You

This kinda goes along with making an effort to keep healthy foods in your apartment but I always have a healthy snack in my backpack or purse. This way I know that if I get hungry I can turn to a snack that is good for me rather than taking a trip to the vending machine. Some examples of snacks that I keep on me are clementines, applesauce, almonds, etc. All of the snacks have some nutritional value and are on the healthy side.

Tip 6- Try to Control your Temptation

By this I mean if you are craving some Chipotle (aka me) go get you some. Now I am not saying do this every single day. I allow myself to do this about once a week. I know for me that if my body starts to crave something I know that I need to get it so I can get the craving out of my mind. You need to control your temptations by not constantly giving into them.

That’s it for my tips on how to stay healthy while in college or if you are just a busy girl always on the go. I hope that you can use some of these tips to your advantage!


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