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Hey ladies! I hope that your Monday is going great. I am seriously so excited that the weekend has finally arrived. I 100% need to have some time to detox and relax. This past few weeks have been crazy busy and I have been so exhausted. I have been trying to be active but sometimes life is just chaotic.

I have been wanting to do a blog post that I answer some of your commonly asked questions so that there is one place with all the answers. I posted a story on my Instagram and I had tons of you babes DM me asking me some questions that you wanted me to answer, so let’s just jump right into the questions.

1. How tall are you actually? In photos your legs look they go on forever.

I constantly get asked how tall I am because I am a pretty tall gal. I am 5’9 and I have always been one of the tallest girls out of my friends. My legs are so long and sometimes I swear they look like they go on for miles, but I have learned to embrace it.

2. What’s your favorite store to shop at for a good deal?

This is such an easy question for me to answer. I have an obsession with Nordstrom’s and over half of my closet is made up of clothes from there. So, I have to say that Nordstrom Rack is by far my favorite store to shop at for a good deal because they sell the same exact brands!

3. What self-tanner do you use, and does it transfer onto your whites?

Lately I have been using the Loving Tan 2 Hr Express in the shade dark. I think that there is good color payoff. One of my tips to leave it on overnight to get the darkest tan. I don’t have any self-tanner transfer on to my whites. But I have used other self-tanners that have done this, and they always come off in the wash.

4. What are some of your go to healthy snacks?

I love fruit, so I will snack on it all the time, some of my favorite fruits are strawberries and apples. Another one of my favorite healthy snacks is oatmeal. I love, love, love oatmeal because you can change up the flavor based on what you put in it!

5. What year are you going into in school?

I am going into my Junior Year of college! I honestly feel like college is flying by because it feels like just yesterday I was a freshman.

6. What is your go to Starbucks drink?

I shared this over on my Instagram the other day but my go to drink right now is a Blonde Flat White with soy milk, I have had it both hot and iced. I prefer drinking it hot when it’s cold out and vice versa for when it is warm out I drink it cold. I seriously recommend that you try this drink ASAP. It is so delicious!

7. How do you balance going to school full-time, blogging, and working?

I have talked about this before on the blog. I have always been a girl that thrives in being busy. I love when my schedule is filled up and I find that incredibly motivating for myself. I will link the blog post here so that you can go read some of the tips that I share in that post.

8. What do you use to take your Instagram pictures?

Lately, I have been shooting most of my Instagram pictures on my iPhone lately. I started doing this because I recently heard that Instagram promotes pictures that were taken on iPhones more than pictures taken on cameras.

9. What curling iron do you use on your hair?

I have been using the Nume 3 in 1 Curling Iron for the past few years. I specifically like this curling iron because it comes with three different barrels in size small, medium and large and I love that I can customize my look.

10. What is your favorite part of blogging?

I would have to say that one of my favorite things about blogging is getting to connect with different people and being part of such a welcoming community of other bloggers.

11. How do you edit your Instagram photos?

I have been using the app Lightroom to edit my photos. I like using the same preset that I have created so that my pictures look as cohesive as possible! I would love to go into more detail in a full blog post about how I take and edit my Instagram photos if that is something that you babes would be interested in!

12. If you could only eat one food for the rest of your life what would it be?

This is such a tough question for me because I like to say that I am a big foodie. I am seriously always hungry. I mentioned earlier that I have a love for oatmeal, but I also have a big love for breakfast food in general. So, if I could only eat one food (and it wouldn’t make me gain weight) I would probably go with pancakes! Ooohhh pancakes are so good.

13. You have been posting about going to the gym lately could you post what your workout routine is?

If that is something that you’d like to see I would love to post my workout routine once it becomes more regular!

14. I am nervous about starting a blog, what is your biggest piece of advice about blogging?

Just be yourself! There are so many different bloggers that share so much amazing content but stay true to yourself and you will shine!

15. What is a quote that you live by?

I am a strong believer that everything happens for a reason and that is probably my favorite quote that I live by.

I hope that you enjoyed getting to hear all of my answers to these questions!


Sarah Elizsabeth

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